Plaster Casting

Here are some samples for a modular wall covering, they are mainly experiments with plaster and scented wax inlaid. Or created wholly of wax. I wanted to use scented wax as I though having scented tiles was a bit different and would be good fun in either a candle or lingerie shop?

Pretty poor photo quality as didn't have my camera so just placed the objects onto the scanner!!

Playful Plants

These designs by Jin Kuramoto are so exciting and playful. The clean white coloured ceramics look great when filled with the bright green plants. The simplicity of these products make them organically beautiful.

jin kuramoto with 'rock'
portrait © designboom

'blur vases' vase tools

For my current project I am looking at encouraging growth within an urban environment and in small spaces such as balconies, patios and apartment roofs.

Having researched traditional methods, contemporary materials and innovative designs I have had my eyes opened to a new realm of design that I really had not been aware of previously. I have been fascinated whilst reading about sustainable design and new materials and methodologies which are continuously updated, debated and applauded.

Here is just one of the interesting ideas I stumbled across. I love the unexpected nature of the design, who would have thought that hidden beneath the cladding were useful objects!
August 13, 2008

Transforming vertical patio by Pique Architecture

The Vertical Patio from Pique Architecture will truly transform your backyard and save valued backyard space. The hide-away features are not only unique but add a splash of practicality to your limited backyard space. Pique Architecture was asked to create an outdoor space that would incorporate a grill patio, a hot tub, a changing room, a dining table, a bar with seating, a reading area, as well as security gates into the design while still keeping things as open as possible. The results were stunning. The wood used is that seen in saunas and luxury spas, creating the ultimate retreat in your own backyard. The space-saving patio is all the rage and Pique Architecture know how to fulfill the wishes of unusual requests.

In the Beginning...

Somewhere to store and share inspiration throughout my studies on Interdisciplinary Textile Design course.

Will try to include and upload my own pieces of design work!

Lotts x