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& Annie Morris Clothes Pegs

& Design Drift

xFragile Future is about the amalgamation of nature and technology. In the distant future these two extremes have made a pact to survive. Fragile Future combines an electronical system with real dandelions in a lightsculpture that is predestined to overgrow a surface. Electronics are driven by the natural survival instincts.

The Ghost Chair is a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality.  The inner Ghost is made up out of millions of little air bubbles, you see the image of the ghost when light reflects on them.
We designed futuristic concepts of chairs that can not exist yet. By doing this we captured the Future ghosts of our imagination. Combining two new production techniques, we are able to design every possible shape the human brain can imagine.

& Plaster Wall

Using nylon fabric and wooden dowels as form-work, the weight of the liquid plaster slurry causes the fabric to sag, expand, and wrinkle.

& Honeycomb Morphologies

The Honeycomb Morphologies Project is based on the desire to form an integrated and generative design strategy using a biomimetic approach to architectural design and fabrication



& Squid Bottles

Japan's Ika Tokkuri sake bottles are pretty much as green a bottle as you'll find; they're made entirely from squid skins. Bottle-like shapes can be made by artfully stuffing the squids with rice or grain, and then using another green technology--the sun--to dry them into the desired shape.
As for that fishy, squid taste? It's actually desirable among certain sake drinkers, as it makes the taste "smoother and milder," sort of like aging Scotch in a particular type of wood cask; but unlike the casks, the Ika Tokkuri are edible after use, producing a sort of sake-infused squid jerky that should taste familiar to Japanese bar-goers.

& Cloud Chairs

Inspired by cumulus clouds that seemed limitless in configuration, but all have a softness to them. They are made from high quality fiberglass reinforced with stonecast inner walls and work great indoors and outdoors. Available in white, bronze or black in both a loveseat and a lounge chair in early 2010. Designed by Jason Phillips for The Phillips Collection.

& Belly Love

"With a shape inspired by coral and covered in glowing tentacles that move, Florence Jaffrain's "Belly Love" looks more like a prop from Burning Man than a piece of furniture. Prioritizing a more sensual experience, the Paris-based designer lined the womb-like structure with a new photo-luminescent textile comprised of thousands of tiny soft bristles with essential oil-diffusing microcapsules"

& emily ann nachison

"used netting, camouflage netting, latex paint, spray paint, crystals, zip ties, and string to create this seriously heavenly installation."

& Noriko Ambe


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& Radiation Invasion Collection

london ENGLAND
dazed DIGITAL: what was the main inspiration for the s/s 10 collection?
iris VAN HERPEN: my “radiation invasion” collection is about all the invisible radiation waves around us. are we going to be able to see them in the future, and what do they do with our bodies? will beauty change then? in the collection i answer these question with my imagination and translate them into 11 looks to show different impacts on our body and our beauty.

dD: as always, your clothes were beautifully intricate – is craftsmanship your main driving force?
i V H: they were all one-off pieces. for me the ultimate challenge within a collection is to make opposites fit well together and to create a futuristic elegance, but at the same time a craft look.
dD: there was a strong futuristic feeling about the collection – is that an accurate description of your work in general?
i V H: yes, there is always some futurism in my work. i like unanswered questions in my concepts, which you can find in future. futurism gives spaceto my imagination and doubts. so, together with craftsmanship and special materials, i create my own personal world.
dD: does practicability and functionality not interest you?
i V H: for me, beauty is a function as well!